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Japan in Fall 2023

November 2022 - 6 to 10 participants


Japan is a country calling for travel. Most of the travelers think that the best season to discover Japan is in Spring while the cherry blossoms are blooming. However, the Autumn colors offer a better shade and give to Japanese places and temples a unique ambiance over several weeks.


It is a Japan made from beauties and colors we would like to share with you during this photo trip or Autumn Workshop. Through this 12-day long Workshop, we will discover a Japan going from the little hidden temple in the Mie prefecture to the remnants of Kyoto…. We will be reunited as well with praying monks on the top of Mount-Koya and will dive through the unique Tokyo atmosphere. We won’t forget to stop at the foot of the symbolic Mount-Fuji at sunset time.


My name is Nicolas Wauters and I will follow you all along this photo trip and the most emblematic Japanese places. Strong with my tour guide and photograph experience, I’ll show you the most beautiful places of Japan while sharing my vision and photograph techniques with you.

landscape photography workshop | Japan in red

Kyoto :

Day 5 : This is the departure day to Kyoto. Before taking our transport, we will first take some pictures of the sunrise on Mount-Fuji. At the end of the morning, we’ll transfer to Kyoto in Shinkansen (famous Japanese high-speed train).


In the afternoon, we’ll visit the famous Fushimi-Inari shrine and its path made from thousands of Torii.

Day 6 & 7 : Kyoto is a city that could keep its authenticity and traditions. During these 2 days, we ‘ll visit the most beautiful temples like the Fushimi Inari, Silver Pavilion, Daigo-ji and Kyomizu-Dera. We’ll fully focus on the ancestral atmosphere of Kyoto and make a Kimono portrait session with the support of Nicolas Doretti. We’ll discover the Geisha streets in the Gion neighbourhood and the wonderful Yasaka pagoda as well.

Koyasan :

Day 8 : The 8th day will be full of surprises as well. At the end of the morning, we will leave Kyoto to reach Mount Koya, worship place of Buddhism in Japan.

We will visit its plenty temples, its Buddhist ambiance and its graveyard by night, known as the most beautiful in Japan and certainly in the world. Next, we’ll spend the evening and night in a monastery.

Day 9 : After the night in the monastery, people who wake up early will be able to attend the morning ceremony with the monks met up the previous day. You’ll be able to take some photos but in a discreet way.

We’ll continue our discovering of the region in the morning to finally reach our next destination at the Tsu region in the afternoon.

About our traditional Japanese accomodation:


During this trip, we will spend many nights in western style hotels, but we can try traditional Japanese hotels named “Ryokan” as well.


During these nights you’ll sleep in a room on a tatami with a futon and try the Japanese public bath named “Onsen“.


An unforgettable and really relaxing experience certainly after those days of walking.


Furthermore, we’ll sleep in a Buddhist monastery during our getaway at *Mount-Koya.

You’ll have access to a fire ceremony made by Japanese monks and/or a relaxation session.

* The diner at Mount-Koya will be based on a traditional vegetarian monk dish and won’t be flexible on the time to eat.

Japan photogahy workhop accomodation

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If you have additional expectations regarding this workshop, feel free to contact me by mail!

I can't wait to see you in Japan and frame-it it with you!

Tokyo : 

Day 1 : This is the day you land in Japan. Our Japanese photographic adventure will start in Tokyo.

After the airport transfer, we will meet up at 4pm at the lobby of your hotel XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and will spend the evening together in the streets of Tokyo. This first evening will be the perfect moment to get to know the group around a meal in a Japanese restaurant or Izakaya.

Day 2 : During this day, we will discover and take photos of the most emblematic places of the East part of the capital like Asakusa, Akihabara and much more. We will extend the day until the evening to focus on the long exposure photos and night urbanscapes from the Tokyo bay.

Day 3 : This day will be devoted to the West part of the city. We will walk through the most known neighbourhoods and take some urban/streets photos.

At the end of the day, we’ll enjoy a sunset from one of the many observatories of the city.

Mount-Fuji :

Day 4 : After having transferred our luggage to Kyoto, we will leave Tokyo to reach our next destination: the famous Mount-Fuji.


Mount Fuji is one of the most symbolic places in Japan. We will take advantage of the Kawaguchiko region and its lakes to photograph it from all angles.

At sunset, we will go to the Chureito Pagoda to frame it with Mount Fuji (Plan some clothes for 1 night).

Japan in fall 2021 date


13 November to 24 November 

Japan in fall 2021 groupe size


6 minimum to 10 maximum

Japan in fall 2021 difficulty


Easy - Moderate

Japan in fall 2021 language



Mount-Fuji - Japan photography workshop
Moun Fuji and tea fied - Japan photography workshop