Japan in Winter 2023

Tokyo | Takayama | Shirakawago | Kanazawa | Kyoto | Koyasan | Osaka 

12 February~23 February 2022 / 6 to 10 participants


Japan is a country calling for travel. Most of the travelers think that the best season to discover Japan is in Spring while the cherry blossoms are blooming.

However, the winter colors and snow offer a less know Japan and give some areas  a unique ambiance.

It is a Japan made of contrast we would like to share with you during this photo trip or winter Workshop.

Through this 11 days long Workshop, we will discover a Japan going from Shirakawago Unesco village cover by their snow-coat to the remnants of Kyoto…. 
We will be reunited as well with praying monks on the top of Mount-Koya and will dive through the unique Tokyo and Osaka atmosphere. 

My name is Nicolas Wauters and I will follow you all along this photo trip and the most emblematic Japanese places.

Strong with my tour guide and photograph experience, I’ll show you the most beautiful places of Japan while sharing my vision and photograph techniques with you.

Kyoto | 3 nights :

Day 7 - 8 : Kyoto is a city that could keep its authenticity and traditions. During these 2 days, we ‘ll visit the most beautiful temples like the Fushimi Inari, Silver Pavilion, Daigo-ji, Kyomizu-Dera and manymore.

We’ll fully focus on the ancestral atmosphere of Kyoto and make a street photo session, looking for kimono models, with the support of Nicolas Doretti.

We’ll discover the Geisha streets in the Gion neighbourhood and the wonderful Yasaka pagoda as well.


Day 9 : This is our deparature day for Koyasan, but before leaving Kyoto, we will enjoy a last sunrise session before breakfast.

Koyasan | 1 night :

Days 9 - 10  : The 9th day will be full of surprises as well. At the end of the morning, we will leave Kyoto to reach Mount Koya, worship place of Buddhism in Japan.

We will visit its plenty temples, its Buddhist ambiance and its graveyard by night, known as the most beautiful in Japan and certainly in the world. Next, we’ll spend the evening and night in a monastery.

After the night in the monastery, people who wake up early will be able to attend the morning ceremony with the monks met up the previous day. You’ll be able to take some photos but in a discreet way.

We’ll continue our discovering of the region in the morning to finally reach our next two days destination, Osaka.

About our traditional Japanese accomodation:


During this trip, we will spend many nights in western style hotels, but we can try traditional Japanese hotels named “Ryokan” as well.


During these nights you’ll sleep in a room on a tatami with a futon and try the Japanese public bath named “Onsen“.


An unforgettable and really relaxing experience certainly after those days of walking.


Furthermore, we’ll sleep in a Buddhist monastery during our getaway at *Mount-Koya.

You’ll have access to a fire ceremony made by Japanese monks and/or a relaxation session.

* The diner at Mount-Koya will be based on a traditional vegetarian monk dish and won’t be flexible on the time to eat.

Japan photogahy workhop accomodation

Book your workshop:

To register for one of my next Workshops in Japan, please fill out the form on the registration page!

If you have additional expectations regarding this workshop, feel free to contact me by mail!

I can't wait to see you in Japan and frame-it it with you!

Tokyo | 3 nights : 

Day 1 : This is the day you land in Japan. Our Japanese photographic adventure will start in Tokyo.

After the airport transfer, we will meet up at 4pm at the lobby of your Ginza Mercure hotel and will spend the evening together in the streets of Tokyo. This first evening will be the perfect moment to get to know the group around a meal in a Japanese restaurant or Izakaya.

Day 2 : During this day, we will discover and take photos of the most emblematic places of the East part of the capital like Asakusa, Akihabara and much more. We will extend the day until the evening to focus on the long exposure photos and night urbanscapes from the Tokyo bay.

Day 3 : This day will be devoted to the West part of the city. We will walk through the most known neighbourhoods and take some urban/streets photos.

At the end of the day, we’ll enjoy a sunset from one of the many observatories of the city.

Japanese Alps | 2 nights :

Day 4 - 5 - 6 : After having transferred our luggage to Kyoto, we will leave Tokyo to reach our next destination: the Japanese alps.

On the next two days and half, we will cross the Japanese Alps through Takayama - Shirakawago - Kanawaza.

We will spend our first night into Takayama, shooting it's old typical alleys...


On the next day, we take a bus to Shirakawago and spend our day into this Shirakawago Unesco village, shooting his beautiful old house covered by their "snow coat".
We will take the last bus from Shirakawago for Kanazawa to spend our night.


On the sixth day we will visit the Kanazawa alleys and the Kenroku-en garden, one of the most beautiful Japanese garden, before taking our train to Kyoto.

Japan in fall 2021 date


12 February to 23 February 

Japan in fall 2021 groupe size


6 minimum to 10 maximum

Japan in fall 2021 difficulty


Easy - Moderate

Japan in fall 2021 language



Osaka last day:

Day 12 : You’re free to go back to Europe or extend your journey in Japan.


Of course, we remain at your disposal if you need some advice or suggestions to enjoy the plenty beauties of the capital.

The photographic techniques we will approach during our Workshop :


The goal of our trip is first to discover some regions of Japan but also how to take them in photos. We would like to share our knowledges with the following lines :


  • Long exposure : management of shutter speed on landscapes, waterfalls, crowd movements, etc.

  • Night photos : stars, milky way, low lighted street

  • Panorama : creation of panoramas with several images

  • Bracketing : bracket option to have high colored and resolution photos

  • Composition : understand the light, how to create a good balance of the elements and how to manage with meteorological phenomena

  • Architecture : creation of gigantism effects and how to manage with parallels on buildings in Tokyo

  • Equipment and settings : explanation of the camera lenses, filters or accessories on field and settings.

  • Taking photos is good but editing them is not as easy as you may think. During our trip, we’ll take the time to speak about how to use some editing tools like Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Import photos into Lightroom

  • Contrast and colour adjustments for beginners and advanced

  • Preset management

  • Creation of masks and adjustments on Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Export into print and internet format

What to bring:

For a Workshop in optimal conditions, we’ll recommend you on the following list what you certainly will need about camera, accessories and clothes.


About the camera :

  • A DSLR type camera

  • A Wide-angle lens 16-24mm

  • A Normal lens 24-70mm

  • A telephoto lens 70-200mm or more

  • A tripod


Accessories :

  • Lens filters like polarizing or N type

  • A laptop with Adobe Lightroom or other (optional)

  • Loading cables and type C adapter

  • A drone (optional)


Clothes :

  • Good shoes

  • A windbreaker

  • A camera bag

Some details that could be important :


Most of the Workshop is created by us and designed in collaboration with Connections.be. We will pick you up at your hotel from the first day and will be together all the trip long. We will have the opportunity to take the metro, local trains, taste good food and visit some temples several times.


Next to this organisation, we would like to offer you as much freedom as possible. Evenings are not planned in advance. We will do our best to adapt ourselves to you, to your wills, to those who want to have a little privacy time and those who want to eat in group.


Your JR Pass : This is your “holy grail”. It allows you to travel freely on all the main lines in whole Japan. We will take care of your JR Pass application and will activate them at your arrival.

This pass is unique!


Here is the list of what is included and not during the Workshop :


Included :

  • Hotels: simple or double room

  • Your JR Pass

  • Transfer, from Tokyo to the airport, for the last day

  • Luggage transfer between hotels

  • Breakfasts

  • Tour guide during the entire stay

  • 1 session on Adobe Lightroom

  • The entry of temples included in our tour

Not included :

  • Occasional and personal metro transport out of our trip

  • Lunch and evening meal. Restaurants in Japan are mostly single menu, according to your tastes, you’ll be free to eat what you want

  • Snacks

  • Insurances

  • Round trip from and to Japan

Nicolas Wauters

My name is Nicolas and I’m proud to be your tour guide through Japan for 14 days.

Today established in Tokyo, I left my country in 2013 to live my dream in Japan. At my arrival, I created my tour guide company and for 8 years, I had the chance to guide thousands of travellers and take photos of Japan from its most beautiful landscapes.


Photography and tour guide are more than simple jobs for me. These are the two truly hobbies that drive me.


I would like to share all my knowledges of the country and the photography with you. More than a simple Workshop, it will be a real travel experience with people sharing the same interests.

  • Noir Icône YouTube
  • Nicolas Wauters Instagram

Nicolas Doretti

I’m a photographer and videographer located in Lyon (France).

I’ll be very happy to accompany you during this photography Workshop in Japan.

I share my photography passion on my YouTube channel “Nico DT” and I would like to do the same with this trip; sharing my different knowledges in landscape, street photos, portrait and post-processing with you.


Besides the experience of an amazing country, my goal is that you leave the country with your spirit and camera full of unforgettable photos. More than the acquired knowledges, your portfolio won’t be the same anymore.

  • Noir Icône YouTube
  • Noir Icône Instagram





Osaka | 2 nights :

Day 10 - 11 - 12:

Before your comeback to home, we wanted to immerse you a last time in the urban side of Japan and what better than Osaka.

During this two days in Osaka, also called the "Empire Kitchen" we will focus on street photography and urban city scapes.
We will also make you discover the beauties of Osaka city as it's Castle, the Shinsekai, and Umeda Observatory for instance.

We will approach together the post-processing part, how to edit your photos and how to have a good workflow.

We would be happy to spend our last evening in group and invite you on a wonderful Japanese typical restaurant. And who knows? Why not trying karaoke together?

Price : 3.999 € double room

Double room price : 3.699 €

Participants : min 6 – max 10

Language : French

Difficulty : beginners, amateurs and semi-pro photographers