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Tsukishima is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay. Created over 100 years ago using earth that was dredged from the bay during the construction of a shipping channel.

Areas of the island were redeveloped into residential high-rise buildings that are really photogenic. But you can still find remnants of the atmosphere of old Tokyo.

Tsukishima is also famous for Monjayaki, a Japanese dish with different ingredients, such as seafood, meat, and vegetables, mixed into the batter.

  • Nicolas Wauters

Tsukuda Sumiyoshi Jinja is a shinto shrine located in Tokyo next to the Tsukishima area.

  • Nicolas Wauters

Sakura's (or cherry blossom) are everywhere in Japan. When these flowers are blooming, you will see so many of them, like you can see in this picture, near a highway. No matter where it is, it still remains beautiful!

Nicolas Wauters Photographe au Japon

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