3 best things to Do in Sugamo Jizo-Dori Shopping Street

Japan has many bustling streets with various fascinating stories. One of them is Sugamo Jizo-Dori Shopping Street in Sugamo. On one hand there's Harajuku- the perfect neighbourhood in Tokyo to find latest trends for the younger generation. On the other hand there's Sugamo- your go-to district for items that suit the elderly. Because of this close relationship between the two locations, Sugamo Jizo Dori shopping street is regarded as “old ladies’ Harajuku” or "grandma's Harajuku."

Sugamo Jizo-dori street and the entire area of Sugamo has become very popular for being elderly-friendly. This doesn't mean that you can't find lots of beautiful items for the younger generation, however, the setting and majority of items here focuses on the elders. To make navigation through the streets easier for elders, the streets are made flat and designed with textured bricks. Since elders tend to have lesser spatial awareness and balance, this will help prevent them from slipping.

The shops in Sugamo will often have ramps and be barrier-free; all to facilitate easy access for elders with walking sticks or those who'd come in wheelchairs. Most importantly, the shopkeepers here have developed incredibly friendly nature as they often deal with seniors. They have to be flexible and understanding in to ensure that the elders remain happy and satisfied; which is why they speak slowly and clearly. So, if you're looking for a place to get well acquainted with the basics of the language and how things are pronounced, Sugamo Jizo Dori shopping street is the right place to go.

When you go to Sugamo, there are literally countless things you can do to make your visit more than fascinating. But if you'd be spending a short time there, you might be wondering what the best things to do are. Here are top four things you should do.

1. Experience Sugamo red underwear

Red in Japanese culture is strongly associated with energy and good health. Remember when we said Sugamo is frequently visited by elders? That's because it helps them feel healthier and better. It's not uncommon to find people gifting elders red underwear and clothes. Sugamo glows in red and other beautiful colours all round the clock. You could your size from any of the shops to experience this beautiful culture.

2.Try some special treats in Sugamo

Sugamo preserves not just the traditional look and style of Japan, but also its food. Among the over 200 shops lined in Jizo Dori shopping street, you'd find shops for clothes, home-based items and traditional food. Some of them are refined and repackaged with a touch of modern feel, but mostly retain the taste. Some of the best spots to get the tasty part of Sugamo are Raijindo (for Crunchy Senbei ), Sugamo Kintaroame (for handmade candies), Goma Fukudo (for sesame products and healthy seeds), and many more.

3. Capture beautiful moments

From beautiful temples to the elegant-looking streets, Sugamo Jizo Dori shopping street has some of the most photogenic locations you can ever think of. When you visit the area you can also easily make new friends with the people and have them feature in your collection. So, if you're ready to shoot some great shots in Sugamo, grab your camera and get rolling!