Best close up Mount-fuji view :

Talking about Japan and photography you will directly think about Mount-Fuji.

Is definitely one of the best subject to capture during your trip and one of the most symbolic icons of Japan.

A view of the Mount-fuji summit
Mount-Fuji Summit

There are so many places and spots to photograph the mount-Fuji from Tokyo or even from around the mount.

Here some of my favorites close-up locations to shot it.

01. Chureito Pagoda :

It’s a very classic one but it's for sure one of the best places.

The five-story structure belongs to the Arakura Sengen Shrine and was built in 1963.

Depending on the seasons, you can expect great views year-round and with different colors as the pink Sakuras during spring or red maples in autumns.

Is very easy to access from central Tokyo and will take around 2h of trains.

Be careful that due to the small areas for shooting and amount of people tripod and drones are not allowed.

The Chureito pagoda
Chureito Pagoda

02. Kawaguchiko lake :

Lake Kawaguchiko has many jaw-dropping panoramas to offer.

It’s especially popular in spring and autumn has its the most popular seasons in Japan for their colors.

But you can enjoy the reflections and nature to create a very nice capture of this iconic mountain.

Also, drones are completely allowed around the lake, but always keep in mind the fishers or cars around.

Sunrise on Kawaguchiko lake

03. Motosu lake :

This lake is, by the way, one of my favorites but it can be difficult to access without a car.

And just for info, Motosu is the lake that appears on Japan's 1,000 yen note.

Same as lake Kawaguchiko, drones are allowed all around the lake.

Aerial view of Mount-Fuji
Upper view of Mount-Fuji

04. Hakone Ashi lake :

A view of the mount-fuji from Hakone
Hakone & Mount-Fuji

Hakone is very famous for its onsens (or hot spring) resorts.

But it’s also home of Lake Ashi, a symbol of the area formed around 3,000 years ago.

The best way to capture the mount-fuji is between the Hakone shrine and the Onshi park.

With a telephoto lens, you can create amazing images with a huge fuji on the background and the lake as a foreground.

Drones are allowed.


05. Tanuki lake :

I keep the best for the end with the Tanuki lake.

It's a very difficult place to access without a car, but if you rent one or even live in Japan you have to go there at sunrise.

The calm mirror surface of Lake Tanuki serves up to reflect the Mount-Fuji.

Drones are allowed.

A view of the mount-fuji from Tanuki Lake
Mount-Fuji at Tanuki Lake

Map :

Here is a map with all these locations.

There are so many other great locations to shoots Mount-Fuji and I will continue to share them with you!

Thanks a lot for reading this article!

I hope it will help you with planning your Mount-Fuji shot! I always love to see some Mount-Fuji images so please if it help's you share your images with me!