Climbing Mount Mitsutoge

Taking a hike in Japan, especially in the summer is a one-of-a-kind experience - clear skies and beautiful scenes greet you all along the way. Mount Fuji is perhaps one of Japan’s most scenic destinations; it’s a mesmerizing treat for the eyes!

Last week I climbed the mount Mitsutoge and I want to share you my experience so that you can plan it on your next Japan trip.

Many people wonder whether there is a viewpoint from where they can witness the beauty of Mount Fuji - and yes, there’s a place for it! Mount Mitsutoge is a lesser-known peak that offers excellent views of Mount Fuji. This peak is slowly becoming a favorite spot for those who love Japan landscapes photography.

Mount Mitsutoge - Details about the Hike

Mount Mitsutoge summit
Mount Mitsutoge summit

Things to keep in mind before you start the trip :

For anyone looking for a hike near Tokyo, Mount Mitsutoge serves as the best choice. The hike is around 7 hours, so make sure you have packed enough supplies for this hike in Japan. It is advised that you make necessary arrangements before you start the trip.

The elevation change is around 1,200 meters, so it is important to consider your physical fitness too. Also, try to start early in the morning as the hike is a long one. But there are options to stay overnight, so you can plan it this way too!

Reaching the Trail :

To reach the hiking trail that leads you to Mount Mitsutoge, you will have to travel 2 hours from Tokyo. You’ll have to start walking from the Mitsutoge station that’s present on the Fujikyuko Railway Line. If you have your own transport, then you can reach the trail sooner.

Mitsutoge Trail
Mitsutoge Trail

You will have to walk along the road past the Green Center at the bottom of the trail. After following the route for an hour or so, you'll reach a small bridge - this is where the actual hike starts.

Condition of the Trail :

The trail, all through the hike, is in exceptional condition. From the bridge mentioned earlier, you'll be taking a 2-hour long hike to reach the summit of Mt. Kaiun - it is the highest point of Mt. Mitsutoge. The hike is a really beautiful one - the forest is alive and fresh, and the trail is quite breathtaking.

After crossing the 88 Buddha statues and a famous tourist spot, you'll reach the ridge below Kaiyun-Yama. There are a few mountain huts here - they are perfect if you are looking forward to spending a night in the mountain peaks.

Overnight Stay :

Offering one of the best views of Mount Fuji - with traditional settings like kotatsu tables, this lodging is an authentic Japanese stay. Around the huts, one can partake in several activities including rock-climbing. The hospitality at the lodging must be definitely mentioned - they treat you like family and make all the necessary arrangements!

The best view of Mt. Fuji is from the peak of Kaiyun-Yama, a 10-minute walk from the lodging huts. Here you can view Mt. Fuji in all its beauty - this is a haven for all landscape photographers!

Final Words :

An adventurous hike in Japan, climbing Mount Mitsutoge is the best place to visit if you are looking to capture the breathtaking beauty of Mount Fuji. Make sure to pack all the necessary items, ranging from food to warm clothing!

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