Is the Nikon Z6 still the best mirrorless camera in 2022?

Nikon released two full-frame mirrorless cameras in August of 2018, and Nikon Z6 is one of them. If you want to upgrade from a crop sensor camera or a full-frame DSLR, the Nikon Z6 is an excellent option. This mirrorless camera is also one of the most sought-after cameras because it provides the best results if you take landscapes and portraits in low light.

Also, Nikon is known for providing the best lenses, and you can say the same thing for Nikkon Z6 lenses.

Build Quality

The Nikon Z6 is well-made and has excellent build quality. The finest thing is that it is both weatherproof and durable. It has a great grip, and the controls are easy to reach with your fingertips. You can easily put your thumb on the AF-point joystick, which is convenient for adjusting the auto-focus point.

Rain, dirt, and other bad weather conditions should not be a problem for the Z6. Many physical control alternatives are available, giving you a lot of flexibility. When all of these factors come together, you get a high-grade camera.

Lens quality

When a photographer purchases a new camera system, they first look for a high-quality lens. If you're thinking the same thing, rest assured that Nikon Z6 lenses are among the best.

Nikon created the Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z6 ii series with the greatest inner diameter of any full-frame camera and the tightest flange distance of any full-frame mount. So, if you want, you can also mount lenses from different companies. However, Nikon Z6 lenses should be your first pick if you want the greatest quality.

Image quality

There is nothing to complain regarding the image quality of the Nikon Z6. You'll get incredible resolving power and the ability to print enormously big wall-sized prints. However, if you require exceptionally huge prints, it is somewhat limited. The Z6 produces vivid, detail-rich photos with a wide dynamic range and various raw file formats.

Nikon has also introduced the Nikon Z6 ii in 2020, which is a bit of improvement compared to its predecessor.


Hybrid autofocusing is available on the Nikon Z6. There are 273 autofocus points on the sensor. It implies you can concentrate on the sections closest to the frame's edge. There are also five auto-focus selection modes on the Z6.

Nikon's Z6 autofocus will ensure that your images are in clear, crisp, and sharp focus.

Final Words

Over time, technology evolves and improves dramatically. As the number of options grows, a critical question arises: when should you buy? If you buy something, some other product will come with improved and extended functionality a few months later. This is not the case with Nikon Z6. Because Nikon Z6 is versatile and all-rounder, it is still worthwhile to purchase in 2022. It takes excellent videos and images and has a little bit of everything to meet the needs of various photographers. If you want, you can opt for the newer version, Nikon Z6 ii.