Japan Photography Workshop 2022

After more than two years of borders closures, we hope COVID-19 restrictions in Japan will be lifted in june or july 2022.

It truly marked a beautiful time, when people across Japan flocked to popular parks to catch a glimpse of the ethereal cherry blossom season, for the first time in two years.

While sakura or cherry blossoms are a sight to behold, there’s something innately special about Japanese autumns. Join me this fall, to revel in the breathtaking beauty of browns and russets, at my Japanese photography workshop, 2022.

Japan photography workshop

Autumn In Japan

In Japan, autumn is perhaps one of the country’s most mesmerizing seasons. As the summer heat paves the way for a refreshing autumn, a cool wind rejuvenates you. The vistas are a photographer’s paradise and the many forests are painted in vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow.

The aroma of rich fall flavors lingers in the air, from earthy chestnuts and new rice harvests to sugary persimmons and a delicious pumpkin soup. The warm colors of fall are perfect for engaging in a favorite autumn activity - Momiji-Gari or Koyo.

Derived from the terms “Momiji” which refers to red maple leaves, and Kari which means hunting, Momiji-Gari literally translates to “hunting red leaves”. For a photographer who is focusing on Japanese landscape photography, this is the perfect advent

Entire mountains are enveloped with vibrant swaths of gold, red, and orange, while star-shaped red or yellow maple creates a breathtaking blanket over carpets of moss. Rows of golden ginkgo trees guide you to an ancient shrine while blood-red spider lilies and fragrant chrysanthemums will enrapture you with their delicate pastel glory.

In my Japanese photography workshop, 2022, I will take you through some of the best spots in Japan to capture the essence of these autumn emotions. This November, you’ll have an opportunity to discover a petite temple nestled amid the sprawling urban jungle of Tokyo, witness a gorgeous sunset at Mt. Fuji, and pray with monks atop Koyasan.

Best Time to Photograph Japanese Autumns

Compared to the unpredictability of spring and its cherry blossoms, Japanese autumns are refreshingly gradual. Koyo Zensen or the tracking of autumn colors across Japan is an annual ritual here.

Usually, the leaves progress in a wave of color beginning from the north at Hokkaido and then working their way to the south, to Kyushu and Okinawa. The best time to capture these vibrant hues of amber, russets, and gold, is between late October to mid-November.

In Kyoto, the colors may linger around till the end of November. But again, nature is wonderfully unpredictable! My nine-day workshop will take you through Tokyo, Kyoto, Koyasan, and Osaka, where you can immerse yourself in Japan’s rich culture, heritage, and architecture.

Final Words

Through my workshop, this time exclusively in French, my aim is to not only help you discover the stunning beauties of Japan. I would also like to guide you in capturing them in a way that the fall colors complement the picture. Check out my workshop page to learn more about my Japanese photography workshop, 2022. Hope to meet you there!

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