Launching My YouTube Channel to Bring Tokyo and Others Japan Areas to Your Screen

The beauties of Tokyo and others Japan cities makes Japan a favorite destination for tourists during any seasons of the year.

I know you long to see all the beauties of the Rising sun country, from is cities to it's glorious temples and shrines.

Who wouldn't want that? Who wouldn't want to just shoot away and capture those awe-inspiring sights in their camera lens all day?

But sadly, the coronavirus pandemic doesn't stop and may not allow you to enjoy an spring vacation in Japan this 2022 march and april.

But hey, don't be sad. You still can be part of a Japan trip—well, this time, through pictures and videos.

How will I achieve this?

At the beginning of this year 2022, I will be launching my YouTube channel where you get only video of Japan beauties and cities in all its glory! Great, right?

I love beautiful sceneries and vacationing. I know you do too. So I get how disappointed you may feel if you can't get to be in Tokyo as you desire.

On the other way, I'm not a huge fan of vlogging and talking about the country through video... For me beauties of Japan can be share just with images.

That's why this channel will be focus only on timelapse video of Japan cities and area.

So if you can't travel, kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel. Do not miss out on this spring in Tokyo or discover others areas of Japan through timelapse!