The Easiest Slider: Rhino ROV 16 inch slider review

The Rhino ROV 16 inch slider is an excellent pick if you want to improve your photographic and videography skills. It adds cinematic motion, long exposure shots, and time-lapse to your videos. However, most motorized sliders are on the expensive side, making it difficult for a beginner to buy one. On the other hand, Slider Rhino is budget-friendly and delivers a strong, Bluetooth-connected, portable slider at a reasonable price.

Are you not sure if you should go for it? Let's see about that.

Build Quality

Strong aluminum is used to construct the device, accentuating a few plastic components and a sliding belt system. The combination of these materials creates a strong rhino rov slider that can be used for hours without any issue. There is a camera mounting platform on the slider belt if you look closely. A ball head with a quick proprietary release is included on this platform. You can, however, use your own ball head if you prefer. A power button is also located on the side of the slider. All you have to do is tap it to see how much battery life is left.

The best thing about slider rhino is how simple it is to set up. You must first download the ROV application and then turn on the Bluetooth on your device. The app will automatically connect with your rhino rov after a few seconds, allowing you to begin shooting immediately.


The controls are not on the slider, but they are present in the app. If we talk about connectivity, it's natural to assume that the Bluetooth-connected hardware will have some challenges. However, the Rhino ROV 16 inch slider is not one of them. Each time you turn it on, it automatically connects to your phone in seconds. When you first open the app, it will pose a question if you are shooting with a DSLR or a smartphone. If you're using a DSLR, you'll be able to view all of the slider rhino controls. You will have manual control if you shoot it with your smartphone. There are three alternatives available: standard video, slow motion video, or time-lapse.


It is typical for a shooter to travel extensively to obtain the best photos and videos. When you have to travel with all of your gear, it can become a problem. The Rhino ROV 16 inch slider, on the other hand, is incredibly portable. It's small, robust, and fits effortlessly in your bag. When shooting in the real world, versatility is essential, which is what the rhino rov slider delivers. You do not always know where you will be shooting or where you will keep your camera. In these situations, a rhino rov slider can be your perfect companion.


The Rhino ROV 16 inch slider is a great and affordable automated option for elevating your filmmaking experience with your smartphone or digital camera. Compared to its competitors, it is pocket-friendly and offers excellent quality. It is all that a videographer needs!