Top 5 Best Locations to Photograph in Japan

Planning a trip to the beautiful, breathtaking island country of Japan? That's awesome! But if your mission is photography, then you want to be picky about which parts you visit since you want to capture the best photos of the country.

To aid your quest, this blog post explores the top 5 best locations to photograph in Japan.

So, get a pen and notepad, and come discover these photogenic cities with me.


Tokyo isn't Japan's capital for no reason. This super-mega-troprolis mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples. Even the highly luxuriant Meiji Shinto Shrine, known for its towering gate and surrounding woods, would make such a photogenic background for a perfect shot.

Almost every place to stand in Tokyo would make a great photograph. Is it the extensive public gardens surrounding the Imperial Palace, the world-famous Shibuya crossing (the busiest intersection in the world!), or the anime hub of Akihabara filled with dazzling colors? You just can't go wrong choosing Tokyo as your best location to photograph in Japan.


Moving on from Tokyo, my next favorite city to photograph in Japan is Kyoto. If you ask why Kyoto is beautiful or what makes it one of the most photogenic cities in Japan, you surely need to see its magnanimous wealth of visually inspiring sights.

Once the capital of Japan, this glamourous city is a perfect depiction of Japan in a nutshell. It's one of the places to go to capture the uniquely visually appealing Japanese gardens, traditional temples, shrines, shops, and restaurants.

Whether you're in a vehicle, bicycle, or on foot, you'd surely want to stop and take a photo of the small temples and shrines you'll see at almost every corner, the Golden Pavilion, the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, the Philosophers path, Tower of Yasaka, and Jikishian Temple, among others.


Okay, you obviously know Mount Fuji isn't a city or prefecture, but it sure makes one of the best locations to photograph in Japan!

This iconic, photogenic, and world-famous mountain stands at 12,389 ft tall near the Pacific coast of central Honshu, just southwest of Tokyo. So if you've visited Tokyo already, you've gotta make this your next stop!

This mount is the icon of Japan because of its perfect shape and symmetry. So many paintings and stories have been created around it, so why not have it in your camera's digital sensor first-hand?


Mount Koya, known as the center of Japanese Buddhism, should definitely be on your watch list for the topmost photogenic locations in Japan.

In the highland valley of Mt. Koya (or Koyasan) lies a complex network of pagodas, temples, and shrines dating back to the 1st century.

Do not miss the centuries-old cedar trees that line the Okunoin cemetery, the exuberantly colorful Mt. Koya's pagoda, or the eternal meditation site of Kobo Daishi.


The fifth, but definitely not the least, on the list is Hiroshima. This largest city in Central Japan is home to notable attractions like the Hiroshima Peace Institute, alongside many outstanding structures that survived the great nuclear bombing. You'll likely want to see these structures even though they're in ruins.

Don't worry; there's no radiation to worry about anymore (winks!).

So pick up your bag and your camera, and come along for the photography of a lifetime.

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