Top 5 Best Places to Shoot Fall in Kyoto

It's Fall; that time of the year when you get to see the trees in all new and varying colors. Whether red, yellow, or brown, the terrain that was once green becomes an entirely different scene perfect for getting some great shots in. When it comes to photography in Fall, Kyoto doesn't disappoint!

There are many incredible places to get beautiful photos of autumn in Kyoto. But if you're coming for a vacation, you don't have all the time in the world. So you want only the best. Therefore, I've compiled a list of the best 5 locations to shoot Fall in Kyoto.

1. Daigo Ji Temple

Diago Ji Temple is famous for its magnificent garden, which is most enchanting when the maple leaves turn brightly colored in Fall. The maple trees' yellow, brown, and red colors that surround the temple bring this fabulous Japanese destination to life.

An excellent vantage point is right on the pond (you can get on a canoe), with the temple right in front of you. Then capture the temple almost covered by the colorful leaves, which form its frame. With the way the colors and bridge reflect in the pond, capturing the Daigo Ji Temple in autumn is something you don't want to miss.

2. Ginkaku Ji Temple

The Ginkaku Ji Temple, also known as the Silver Pavilion, is one of the best places to go if you want amazing photos of Fall. You can head straight for the pavilion and get an excellent vantage point that looks across the pond. From here, you can get impressively vibrant colors of the maple leaves and manicured gardens around the pavilion. The garden path also offers epic vantage points to capture both the temple and Fall in one picture, using the trees to frame your shot.

The Ginkaku Ji Temple dazzles throughout the year, but it's just something else during autumn when the surrounding greenery changes color. The serenity and peaceful atmosphere are something you can't fail to fall in love with.

3. To-Ji Temple

The famous five-storied pagoda of To-Ji is most particularly picturesque in Fall, with the brightly colored leaves forming its frame. I'd say one of the best points to get your autumn shot is on the walkway while you're still at a distance from the temple. This enables you to get a complete photograph of the incredibly tall pagoda as well as the trees on both sides of the walkway.

4. Ninnaji Temple

A clear, reflective pond and thick shrubs around the NinniJi temple give it a peaceful yet enchanting appeal. And in autumn, its magnificence goes a notch higher. You can enjoy the view from the gate and take your shots of fall right from there.

Autumn and the cherry blossom season are the best times to visit the Ninnaji Temple.

5. Tenju-An

Tenju-An is inarguably one of the most fantastic locations to shoot Fall in Kyoto.

Built as a sub-temple of the Nanzen-Ji Temple, Tenju-An is most famous for its autumn leaf viewing and two Japanese gardens.

It's even more incredible when Fall is gradually coming to its end, during November. When you visit during that time, you surely won't fail to get some of the most scenic fall photos you'll ever get.

Those are my 5 favorites! But you can find hundred of nice places to shoot fall foliage in Kyoto. In addition to my top 5 I give you a map with some other breathtaking places!