Why You Should Revisit Your Landscape Photography Location

Should you revisit a landscape to take new photos of the same place, or should you move on to somewhere new and never come back?

This is one question many nature photographers ask.

But you see, each time you revisit a location, the conditions are never the same. The color contrast, sunlight, and season of the year vary.

Possibly, at the time you were first in that location, the conditions were not so great, and you were more or less disappointed with your shot. So it's no wonder why you don't intend to return to that same landscape or urbanscape photography location.

But the truth is, you increase your odds of getting a far better shot any time you decide to revisit that photography location. The conditions may be better this time, and the color of the leaves more enhanced by the sunlight or season.

Points to note when considering revisiting a landscape or urbanscape photography location

As photographers, we are inspired by images of incredible landscapes. They are what fill up our phone galleries. But you see, those photos were taken at some of the most favorable conditions.

Favorable conditions don't occur all year round, and it's not always easy to predict precisely when they will.

Of course, some websites can help to determine the chances of a colorful sunrise or some other condition in a location. But like any weather forecast, there is no 100% certainty that it will happen exactly as predicted.

Therefore, the odds of having that perfect condition to take the perfect shot on your first visit are high.

So if you've seen an amazing photo of that same landscape photography location but had a poor first shot yourself, you may be luckier when you revisit it.

Revisit during different seasons

One thing to also note is that it's better to revisit the location in different seasons as this offers you a greater chance to capture something entirely different from your first visit. I try to visit my favorite Japanese attractions at different times of the year to get different looks and feel of the location.

You become more familiar with the area

And finally, you become more familiar with the landscape. You now know poor angles, so you're better able to find better angles to frame your shots. It also adds to the experience since you can now move with more ease, this being your second time visiting that terrain.

Like with many other things, it takes patience to get the perfect shot, even in a notable scenic location. If you didn't get it on your first visit, there's every reason to revisit sometime, knowing that landscape has so much potential.