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​Hey everyone,

My name is Nicolas Wauters,  I'm a freelance photographer and tour guide based in Japan who share my passion for the country through images and tours with my company Tokyo Trip


I grew up on urban areas in Belgium and since I was a kid, I have always been attracted by biggest cities, video games, new technologies, photography, and first of all by "Tokyo."​

Those passions brought me to discover Japan, a country that fascinates me, for its "ultra-urban" as much as for its "cultural" side, but also for its traditions.

After several successive trips between 2010 and 2013, I packed up my suitcase and flew to the Japanese Capital to fulfill my dreams. 


Later on, I decided to share my passion and knowledge for Tokyo and Japan through my comapny Tokyo Trip who provide guided tours. 
As I continue my tour guide activity in Tokyo / Japan and working with travel company based in Europe I merged my love for photography and teaching by creating photography Workshops in Japan. 

I lead one day tour photography in Tokyo and workshops over Japan with other passionate photographers who would love to discover and frame Japan. 


Through my pictures, I try to immortalize a Japan, most of the time removed from the crowd of its inhabitants. Japan is a peacefull place to live and I'm trying to change the vision of a very noisy and populous country by taking pictures of very well-known places with fewer people possible. 


Of course, the permanent crowd is a big part of a city, especially in Tokyo that has no less than 40 million inhabitants. But trough my work I wish to offer the quintessence of the capital and for this, I constantly seek these privileged moments of privacy that I have in Tokyo.


I mainly capture Japan Landscapes and Urbanscapes photography but will respond to your requests for any photos or photographic reports of in all Japan.Take the time to discover my different galleries and do not hesitate to contact me for more information.I look forward to hearing from you and work with you.


My work has been published in Fuji Love magazine, Fuji X Passion, Revue Koko, Nikon schoo, Belgium press, and some more. 
When I'm not traveling around Japan you can find me somewhere on the streets of Tokyo, exploring the city and country with my two lovely Bulldogs. 

Press, Exhibits and Awards :

Nicolas Wauters Landscape photography Workshop







After more than 8 years working in tourism and photography I created strong partnerships with more than 7 travel agencies companies based in Europe but also with photography brand.

I'm proud to do my best to represent it trough my tour guide job and during my photography workshops.

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