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My name is Nicolas Wauters and I’m a landscape and cityscape photographer located in Tokyo as a tour guide.


Since I’m a child, I’ve always been attracted to new technologies, video games, IT-softwares, photography and moreover “Tokyo”.


These passions brought me to discover Japan which is a fascinating country for its “new technologies/urban crowded areas as for its culture and traditions.


After repeated travels, 2012 was the year I decided to pack my suitcase and fly to the japanese capital city to be able to live my dream at 100%.


Later, I decided to share my passion and knowledge of Tokyo and Japan through my photos, workshops and guided tours linked to my “Tokyo Trip” company.

As a professional photographer and tour guide, I wish to distance myself from the widespread clichés of Japan. All these look tired photos are surfing on a vibe of a Japan full with kimonos and where human chaos reigns.


I try to immortalise Japan away from the crowd by showing you that Japan can also be quiet even if the country is densely populated. Japan remains a quiet and less noisy country. It is possible by taking photos of famous places with the least amount of people possible.


Of course, the permanent crowd is really representative of the city and certainly in Tokyo where 40 million people are living. Through my work I try to offer the quintessence of the capital by constantly searching for these intimate moments Tokyo has to offer.


I mainly immortalise Japanese cities and landscapes, but I will gladly answer your demands about any photo or photographic documentary through Japan.


Take your time to discover my different galleries and don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information.


I'm in a hurry to hear from you and maybe be able to work together.


Nicolas Wauters

Nicolas Wauters Landscape photography Workshop tour photo
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Tokyo - Setagaya

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Nicolas Wauters Landscape photography Workshop tour photo
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