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Nicolas Wauters Japan Book
Discover the best of Japan

Most of the travelers I guided throught Japan was on a trip with a paper guide book, searching for address and places through with their eyes focused on book... And it was looking nightmare for them...

My first goal was to shortcut your travel planning.
I created this photography book and guide adding a an online Google map showing the must-see places for your next Japan trip.
This way you can now keep your book at home and travel only with your phone using this map
This constantly updated map is accessible via a QR code on your favorite digital medium as phone or tablet.

My second goal was to share another vision of Japan beauties, showing less it's inhabitants and more the beauties of Japan theirself.

Hoping you will like it.

  • More than 900 locations tips for your next Japan trip.

  • Photography,  notes about Japan and tips on where to go

  • Over 120 reference images

  • Field notes on a online google map, restaurant, shrine, temple, observatory, and many more.

  • Keep your book on your library and travel only with your phone.

Pages : 208

Release dates : may 2022

Languages : French | English | Dutch

Editor : Racine

Nicolas Wauters Japan Book


Working as a photographer and travel guide since 2013 and after having guided thousands of travelers from all over the world in the discovery of Japan, I have accumulated an incalculable number of tips and useful addresses.

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Tokyo - Setagaya

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