15 Most-Used Lightroom Shortcuts

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best post-processing tools out there. On this one-stop platform, you can edit, post-process, and organize your photographs without any hassle. Here are the fifteen most-used Lightroom shortcuts to improve your efficiency.

Display Panel Settings

1. T - Show or Hide Toolbar

You can opt to hide the toolbar for a more organized, clear workspace. You can press T again if you change your mind.

2. Shift + Tab - Hide and Unhide Display Panels

If you want to view your image without side panels distracting you, this is the best shortcut in Lightroom. Press the same keys again if you want to bring them back.

3. L - Lights Out / Dark Mode Focus

If you press L once, you’ll have a dimmed focus view in the background. Pressing it again will completely black out the background.

Rating and Sorting Images

4. X - Reject Image While Sorting

This shortcut in Lightroom helps you remove pictures you won’t be editing later, for a clutter-free, organized interface for editing.

5. 6, 7, 8 , 9 - Label Images Red, Yellow, Green, Blue Respectively

Color coding images into different categories can help you multi-select and batch edit.

6. P - Flag or Pick a Photo

If you need to keep a tab on a photo for further editing or have chosen it as the cover image of an album or portfolio, this shortcut is your best friend.

7. U - Remove or Undo Flag

If you’ve accidentally hit the flag key, don’t fret. You can undo it easily by pressing U on your keyboard.

8. 1-5 - Give Photos Star Ratings

One of the best Lightroom shortcuts to pick favorites while editing or organizing them, is to allot star ratings. Pressing 1 will give the image one star and so on. You can then select filters for each module to show a particular set.

Image Composition

9. R - Crop Tool

Cropping your images is a common composition technique. You can toggle the R key to bring up the crop tool or close it.

10. X and O - Switch Between Landscape and Portrait Mode and Grid Orientation

When you’re in crop mode, you can press X to alternate between landscape and portrait mode. Similarly, you can press O to switch between grid orientations.

Advanced Editing and Post Editing Tools

11. Y - Show Before and After Images

You can use this Adobe Lightroom shortcut to compare the before and after images. Pressing Y along with the Shift key, will give you a split view.

12. O - Overlay

You’ll have to be in the Brush tool mode to use this shortcut. This will add a red overlay over all areas you’ve covered with the Brush.

13. Q - Spot Removal

If you commonly work with portraits, this is a great shortcut to remember, for the spot removal tool.

14. M - Gradient Mask Tools

Just pressing M will open the linear gradient mask tools. Pressing Shift + M will open the radial gradient mask tool.

15. K - Brush Masking Tool

The adjustment brush tool in the Develop Module is one of the most- used editing tools, and can be opened by pressing K.

Final Words

The array of wonderful features Lightroom has to offer gives you complete creative control. You can use the Lightroom shortcuts listed above, to make your post-processing journey more seamless and fast.