All You Need To About Lightroom Presets + Lightroom Free Presets Pack

You may have clicked pictures from all the angles you wanted to, but are still not satisfied with the results. Well, there's one thing left for you to do, and that's editing. Even if you are a novice photographer, Lightroom presets can help you create amazing pictures which will leave everyone speechless.

To begin editing, you’ll need good editing software, like Adobe Lightroom. This software presents you with several presets that can help you achieve your desired results without any hassle.

What Exactly Are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are essentially files that allow Lightroom to apply specific, predetermined development settings to an image you’re editing. With the help of a preset, you can adjust settings like color, shade, and contrast, among others.

Using presets for photo post-editing is relatively easy. First, you’ve to install the presets into Lightroom. Then click on a particular preset, and since the settings of these presets are already determined, they will be applied to your photo.

You can then make manual adjustments to fine-tune everything. If you are not satisfied with your presets collection, you can even tweak it to include your own signature preferences. Presets are just a starting point for you to retouch your photos and get tedious edits out of the way.

How Lightroom Presets Help You

1.) Lightroom presets can help you in editing multiple photographs at once. Suppose you have clicked several pictures at a single location. In that case, the preset can help you give the photograph collection a similar style and touch, hence, reducing your burden.

2.) If you have a particular style you’re opting for, perhaps for your photography portfolio, a preset will help you keep the theme consistent on every photo or page.

3.) It allows you to test different styles on a single image. You can use this quality for your benefit in your photo retouch sessions, to see what works best for your photography style.

4.) Needless to say, editing can take up a lot of your time. Using a preset simplifies the photo post-editing process for you, and makes it more effective. Thus, you will have enough time on your hands to work on your actual photography skills.

5.) A preset can help you in refining your skills. If you’re new to this field, you may have had to deal with learning everything about clicking pictures and editing from scratch. By using presets, you can check out how a particular style looks on the image. You can then explore further and improve your skill set.

6.) Another good thing about Lightroom presets is their affordability. These presets not only save your time, but they save your money too. Investing in a preset is an investment in your skills.

7.) A preset is most of the time a starting point. Keep in mind that the same preset will not work on all the image and it will give you a base to start your retouch.

Final Words

Presets work best for novice photographers to provide them with a base for photo retouch sessions. If you are looking for free Lightroom presets, you have just visited the right place!

Check out my recently launched Lightroom preset pack, and the good news is you are getting this pack for free. You don't need to pay even a single penny. You will surely fall in love with this collection of presets! Happy editing!

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Free Lightroom presets pack
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