Gear Review : F-stop Tilopa Duradiamond 50L

If you are a trekking freak and a photographer, then you may have heard of F-stop. F-Stop Tilopa Dura diamond 50L is the company's newest launch. You may be excited to know more about it in case you intend to purchase, right? So, here we are with a detailed gear review for the F-Stop Tilopa Dura diamond.

F-Stop Tilopa Dura diamond 50L competes with the Ajna 40L backpack. The features are expected to resemble, but let’s not jump in yet. Being a professional photographer and carrying a set of Internal Camera Units (ICUs) may be a hectic task. The equipment is indeed costly and requires attention and safety to the core. So, let’s jump in to know what F-Stop has to offer us now.

1. Company Fame matters

F-Stop is a company that is age-old in what they do. They have 15 years of experience developing a varied range of backpacks for each occasion. Every product that is launched is thoroughly manned with tons of tests. With every drawback they go through, they re-invest their time and innovate another product that will help its users feel comfortable. This is why F-Stop has been one of the most selling companies in the industry.

2. Exterior and Durability

It's the rough and tuff body that helps you drag it along. The Tilopa Dura diamond doesn't look as though it’s a 50L capacity backpack. The backpack is only 23.5 inches long, and they have optimized it for maximum capacity with minimum space withholding. They have a durable banding on the bottom of the sides to hold the tripod during the journey.

The material used to make this backpack is premium, so that you would not have any trouble due to weather conditions. For longer trips, the hip belt is padded very conveniently. This will allow the bag to sit on the hip perfectly and not above it. A similar padding mechanism goes with shoulder straps. You may travel long and still feel relaxed without having to recognize the weight on your back.

3. Interior and spacing

The spacing within the backpack is adjusted in a very systematic manner. Even after you put in all your ICUs, you will still have a lot of space that you can use for other necessary equipment for your long trips.

In the back, you have a separate zip system with two pockets and a small device net holder. You can use the net holder to support your iPad or laptop. The pockets are spacious enough to hold electronic equipment. You also have a small section for all your memory storage devices. How convenient is that!

Final Words

It looks like F-stop has put ample thought to design their new backpack, Tilopa Dura Diamond 50L to make it the best in class. The product seems to promise versatility in addition to the material, strap placement, spacing, and weatherproof compartments. It’s a total YES from our side and we hope that your trekking experience goes well with this product.