Kashmir 30L Ultra-Light Travel Camera Backpack: The Perfect Photography Backpack

As a traveler, I do love to click the sweet and beautiful moments of my journey. But I don't like to click the scenes with my mobile as a good camera can capture the real beauty of the scenes. Unfortunately, I do have to carry my camera and its other accessories along, which can become a headache without a proper carrier.

This is where f-stop gear comes into action. Their Kashmir 30L Ultra-Light Travel Camera Backpack is the perfect photography bag. It is lightweight and convenient. In this article, I will inform you that why can this bag prove to be the perfect photography backpack in Japan or anywhere around the world?

So, keep reading to find the answer.

f-stop Kashmir Ultra-Light

Top 4 Features of Kashmir 30L Ultra-Light Travel Camera Backpack

This Kashmir 30L Ultra-Light Travel Camera Backpack is an amazing bag for camera accessories. It has many features which set it apart from the other photo backpacks. I have written about these features in the following bullet points.

P.S there is no exaggeration in the points I have just written the facts about it.

  1. The internal capacity of Kashmir 30L is 30 liters. So, it can carry more than one mirrorless or non-gripped camera.

  2. Things can get easier if you can use the shallow medium ICU or the Pro Large ICU. ICU is like a separate room inside the bag, which has further sub-sections. So, you will be able to carry the camera accessories along with other things like eatables.

  3. The best thing that I love about this bag is that it is ideal for people with short torso lengths. This characteristic helps me to carry this bag for a longer period without getting tired.

  4. Moreover, it is not heavy at all. It weighs just a little over one pound. This weight and adjustable support provide comfort throughout the day.

I used this bag when I was in Japan. To carry the camera and other accessories, it proved to be the best photography bag. I travelled a whole day to Osaka, and I never felt tired because of the bag. Although walking throughout the day could fetch a little axial pain, lol.

f-stop Kashmir Ultra-Light ICU

When It is About Purchasing A Travel Bag I Love F-Stop Gear

If you are a traveler who loves photography, then you should buy your photography bag from f-Stop Gear. Why? Because if you are a traveler in the US or EU, you will get free shipping. Moreover, you will get a three-year warranty on your bag, and you can even return the bag within a long period of 45 days.

And guess the best part. You can pay the whole amount in one go, or you can even pay the amount in four parts. These four payments will be interest-free, meaning you can buy the same thing in the same amount by dividing the actual amount by four. This is a great deal.


Well, now I have nothing much to say. I have explained my experience with Kashmir 30L, which is a great photo bag. It is lightweight, has an ICU option, ideal for a person with a short torso length. You can carry it anywhere without feeling any fatigue. If you think that these features are good for you then why don't you go and buy one for you? Order here!

If you still have any queries, you can leave them in the comment section below. I am here for you.