Matsumoto Castle

If you plan to visit and photography Japan, maybe traditional areas and structures as Shrines, temples, or even castles are on your bucket list.

The Matsumoto Castle is one of the most complete among Japanese original castles. And it’s also in my opinion one of the most beautiful remaining castles of Japan.

He is also one of the last original impressive castles of Japan with the Matsuyama Castle and the Himeji castle (the others being smaller).

For photographer is a unique place to visits! The castle with is reflection and background can give amazing pictures.

During spring, the Castle is a famous cherry blossom spot. However, you can visit it at any time of the years and especially during winter when the castle become recovered by snow...

Location: Matsumoto City - Nagano

Tripod: allowed all around the moat

Drone: prohibited


Here is a very short clip on the Mastumoto Castle