Mount-Fuji: All you need to know and the best place to shoot it

The elegance of Mount Fuji and the typical solitary snowcaps of this beautiful tourist spot is famous worldwide. Rising above the villages as well as the tree-fringed sea, these mountains have inspired poets and musicians for centuries. The inscribed property contains 25 sites that show the significance of Mount Fuji as a sacred landscape.

Mount Fuji has been a sacred place for ascetic Buddhism since the 12th Century. On the top 1,500-metre tier, temples have been inscribed along pilgrim routes. Around the base of the mountain, beautiful Sengen-Jinja shrines and Oshi lodging residences can be found. All the natural elements that soothe your soul, such as the beautiful trees, the lakes, and the waterfalls, are revered as sacred.

Mount-Fuji at Fumotoppara Campground
Mount-Fuji at Fumotoppara Campground

Location :

Mount Fuji is situated almost 100 kilometers due southwest of Tokyo. It is located at Yamanashi and Shizuoka ken. It is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Japan. It is considered to be one of the three sacred mountains, thus serving the purpose of the pilgrimage as well.

History of Mount Fuji :

The great mountain of Japan, Mount Fuji, is over 600,000 years old. It emerged as a single piece of the mountain from the land. It was known to be an active volcano in the past. There are several stories relating to the same.

One of the stories states that, in 864, Mount Fuji erupted for ten straight days. It claimed tons of lives, and the havoc spread till Tokyo. The lava that exploded from the mountain filled a large lake. It is said that Mount Fuji last erupted in the year 1707.

The Japanese believe that Mount Fuji is a sacred place and worship it with utmost spirituality. Hikers and tourists visit this place to have great experiences. The monks walk barefoot to reach the most awaited place, the mountain's peak, to worship. It is said to be the pilgrimage of Buddhists.

Some Popular Myths about Mount Fuji:

Currently, almost 500,000 people travel to Mt Fuji every year. Unlike the past, women are now a part of this journey. It is said that people pay tribute to all the generations that lost their lives when Mount Fuji erupted.

The mountain is said to be named Fuji-san (after a male). The myths behind Mount Fuji claim that the mountain suddenly took birth in a single day. The story relates to the experiences of a woodsman named Visu. One fine day, he heard the earth trembling. He took it as an earthquake and gathered his family. When they ran out, they saw that the land lying dead and flat for years had now become a mountain. He named it ‘Fuji-yama,' the never-dying mountain.

No one is aware of the truth behind any of these myths, but the presence of Mt Fuji has been significant. Being one of Japan's three most significant mountains, it is a popular tourist spot.

Best places to shoot in Mt Fuji + map

For capturing some of the beautiful places, try to reach these spots on time and comply with the weather conditions.

Lake Kawaguchi :

In the lake Kawaguchi area, make sure you take the panoramic ropeway to reach the Kawaguchi Tenjozan Park.

Best Shot - You can find a clear Arial view of the mountain in the surroundings to click some really cool pictures of the volcano.

Kawaguchiko & Mount Fuji

Saiko Lake :

Saiko Lake is a 13 minutes short ride from Lake Kawaguchi. This is one of the best spots for viewing this significant landmark peacefully.

Best Shot - For people who are looking to capture time-lapse and long exposure shots of the volcano, Saiko Lake is an excellent place.

Mount-Fuji Saiko lake
Mount-Fuji Saiko lake

Chureito Pagoda :

To get an admirable view of the mountain, do visit the Chureito Pagoda. The view from this five-storey pagoda makes you feel like you are directly gazing at the peak.

How to reach: To reach the Chureito pagoda take a train from Lake Kawaguchi to reach the Shimo-Yoshida station. Then you may need to walk up 400 steps before you reach the most awaited summit in your journey.

Best Shot: The breathtaking view of the volcano and the amazing sky view will melt your heart. You can use the short exposure feature of your camera to shoot a direct portrait of the mountain from here. If you visit the place during the Cherry blossom season, you will get different photos in all the various shades.

Chureito Pagoda
Chureito Pagoda


In recent times Fujiyoshida has been one of the most visited places near Mt Fuji by tourists. All travelers worldwide are attracted to this place, especially to get amazing photos.

How to reach: To reach Fujiyoshida take a train from Kawaguchiko to Mount Fuji station.

Best Shot: After stepping out of the station, roam around the city where you can find impressive views. You can find incredible mountain postures to click photographs. We recommend Fujiyoshida to click landscape photos.

Kawaguchiko alley
Kawaguchiko alley

Shiraito falls :

Shiraito falls is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Mt Fuji. You can have a great view of the peak and enjoy the water flow sounds for peace.

If you are trying to become a professional photographer, you should capture the spellbinding images and scenarios from here to showcase your shooting skills.