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Review f-stop Anja 40 L Camera Backpack

Since I started photography in 2013 my gear has grown with the years and I quickly searched a comfortable and useful way to bring all this equipment with me around Japan.

As you know it, photography gear is very expensive and it represents a huge part of my work. That is why it is very important for me to have a simple and safe system to transport it around Japan.

f-stop Anja 40L

I tried many brands and backpack when I started. Then in 2015, I switched to f-stop with the "Lotus", which I haven't left since.

A few months ago, I upgrade my bag for a bigger size, always from f-stop with the f-stop Anja 40L and I just want to share my filling and experience after using this bag for a few months now.

First thing first (its a detail but very important for me) the delivery system is very great!

I live in Japan and I purchase my Anja bag on their website.

Just a few days after it arrived from the US dear my home by DHL on very nice packaging.

The Bag :

As I told you just before since I started photography I have tried many brands and as I discovered the brand f-stop I never wanted to go back.

The f-stop Gear products are very focused on outdoor activities giving not only a functional backpack but also very durable in time. Working as a photographer and tour guide in Japan I walk around 350~400Km per month who is quite a lot. Most of the time I’m with my backpack (even if not full gear backed) so comfort is very important and I never field on other brands something comfortable as the products from f-stop.

My Gear

The ICU or Internal Camera Unit :

Another reason I love f-stop products is their ICU system.

When you choose and buy your backpack you have to choose your ICU and it’s size!

I chose the Large but depending on your amount of gear you can also buy smaller or bigger ICU (from Small to extra large).

Those ICU systems help’s you to keep your backpack and gears arrange but also to change size according to your needs. This means that with the same bag you can easily change your arrangements for a one day trip to a 2~3 days trip.

So this backpack can become a travel bag but even a daily bag and that is something that I like.

I have used only one camera bag for many years (even if now I just have bought a f-stop Dyota 20 as a day bag, who I will share latter a review) and really love this system of flexibility to change and adapt my bag’s interior layout.

This is the equipment list I add inside my Anja and the Large ICU :

f-stop Anja interior
  • Nikon D-850

  • Samyang lens : 14MM, 24mm TS, 85mm

  • Fujifilm XT3

  • Fuji x Lens : 10-24mm, 18-55mm, 55-200mm

  • Nisi filter system and 4 Nisi filters

  • Gitzo tripod : Gitzo traveler 15-45

  • 5 Batteries, remote, cable release, charger.

  • DJI Mavic air + batteries + remote

  • Cleaning Kit

  • Rode mic pro

  • Zoom H4N


Even if I really love photography, I'm not always a huge fan of all the accessories who are in my opinion too much into a photographer look...

And that's another reason why I love this bag. It has a very simple, casual, and smart look.

The logos, straps, and pockets are very discrete and well put!

It is also safer, whit this bag for me it's not marked on my forehead that I have for thousands of euros of gear on my back.

Additional pocket and access :

The main access is located on the back who gives you more safety if you travel but you have also two different top access.

One gives access to the biggest pocket where you can add a small ICU, clothes, etc. And the other one to a smaller one for accessories, like your wallet, keys, etc.

In addition, you have a pocket on every side to add a bottle or more gear.

And for sure you have a laptop pocket inside.

The strap is on each side and in front of the bag.

I personally use the front to add tripod, but depending on your need you can add two more and on each side or add a gimbal, sky, etc.

Conclusion :

For me, all of this made the f-stop Anja bag in my opinion, a must-have for any photographer.

Try it and you will never go back!

Bag details :

  • Coloring : Orange - Black - Beige

  • Volume : 40L

  • Height : 59.7CM

  • Width : 33CM

  • Depth : 26.7CM

  • Weight : 1.7Kgs

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