Top 5 Buildings to Get the Best Views of Tokyo

Nothing beats staring at an astonishingly beautiful landscape from a height. That birds-eye view, that perspective -- the experience is magical! And the best way to get such a view is by standing and looking out from a highrise building -- that's if you can't afford a plane.

And yes, there are several notable spots to get truly awe-inspiring views in Tokyo. Sights that will leave you dazzled at the beauty of nature.

So come along for some insight into the top 5 best views from a building in Tokyo.

1. Skytree Tower

This is my favorite tower to get one of the best views in Tokyo. But it's not only mine; thousands of natives and tourists flock to the Skytree Tower yearly to see the picturesque Tokyo skyline, the megalopolis, with views stretching out as far as Mt Fuji and Yokohama on a bright day.

It's the tallest landmark in Japan at about 634 meters high and offers some of the best views of Tokyo. Sit on the Tembo Deck 350 m above ground or the Tembo galleria just over 450 m above air for a grand view of Tokyo, making the concrete labyrinth below look like a miniature world.

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2. Tokyo Tower

The 333-meter tall Tokyo Tower remains an iconic landmark and symbol of Tokyo's rebirth after the Second World War.

The kaleidoscopic effect this tower gives to the view is truly sensational. The ceiling and walls of the building are mirrored, creating the kaleidoscopic effect, and it becomes even more divine when the city lights up after dark.

But the Tokyo view from up here is more than just about the building; it's the sight that fills your eyes as you look out below you.

If you're lucky, you may even get to see Mt. Fuji rising in its glory on a bright day.

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3. Shinjuku Government Observatory

Also known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the Shinjuku Government Observatory offers a picturesque skyline view of Tokyo from its two 243-meter tall observatories: the north observatory and the south observatory.

You might also catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Tower, The Skytree, Tokyo Dome, and the Meiji Shrine in favorable weather conditions.

The observatory decks are free for tourists. So come along with your camera for the best panoramic photos in Tokyo.

Price: free admission

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4. Sky CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory

Located on Sunshine 60's 251-meter high top floor, the Sky CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory sports funfair-like attractions. With the 360 view you get to see of the city, you'll almost think you're looking through a virtual reality device.

The mirror-covered walls also offer a magical and mind-boggling experience. Try pointing out The Skytree and all the other Tokyo high rising landmarks as you look out from this observatory.

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5. Yebisu Garden Place Tower

Located on the 38th floor of the Yebisu Garden Place complex, this tower is another notable spot for the best panoramic views of Tokyo. Entry is free for all tourists, and you can grab a bite and drink while looking out into the day or nighttime skyline. If you're a beer lover, then you want to hang around for some beer tasting at the Tasting Salon.

Price: free admission

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